A Glimpse

Last evening at Elevation Nights, I got a glimpse of Christian worship with all of us in one accord. We were a melting pot of cultures, ethnic groups, demographics, kids, adults, alphabet generations, handicapped, truck drivers, Tesla drivers, VW drivers, you name it. There we were thousands of us to the rafters! Our arms lifted up, mouths open wide, we were worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ in the fullness of joy.  The kindness, the connection, the expectation for the Who (THE LORD) we were there to celebrate.

I just wanted to share about the worship I was so grateful to experience at Elevation Nights.That was what last night was a loud and unapologetic worship.

Saints of the Living GOD - Keep hope. HOLD TO YOUR FAITH IN CHRIST!

Sometimes seeing and hearing all the bad stuff around us, it drains us. I was so encouraged and filled being with the family of God! The different parts of the branches were all connected to the Vine!  I was, and am so grateful to be grafted in His family, the Body, our collective praise kindred. We praise our Savior anywhere and anytime.

I got a glimpse! Thank you LORD, I got a glimpse. Thank you to all who made that possible.  I am sharing what we want to experience every Sunday, every week and throughout eternity. We want to express HIS gloruy, His praise and His celebration. We were ready and the soill plowed for the preached word. Like the 2 blinds men told to stop shouting at Jesus-- I cry out LOUDER JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!

From my heart!
After my experience at Elevation Nights, Hershey PA


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