Testimonials and Feedback


2023 Collaboration on the Speech "Running on Empty" by Matthew Tyner, Sr.: https://youtu.be/CWi_B8N4uHQ?si=ZY_jsFWF3hckFiZd


A Mother's Gain Through Pain and Loss - May 14, 2023

  • I learned a lot today listening! 
  • Oh Lord, from start to finish I was saying Go Head!  Thank you Sis. Helm.
  • She'll be back again! 


Women's 3 Day Retreat Feedback What Makes Anita different than other speakers:

  • Anita's humor is contagious.  Her honesty about her life and others lives is helpful (honest).
  • I appreciate Anita investing especially with the young people attending.
  • Anita is real and down to earth.  She says it like it is.
  • Anita makes a personal connection with us and the scripture.
  • Anita shared very personal thoughts. 
  • Anita is very real. You can relate to her.
  • Anita is real, honest and inclusive of all participants. 
  • I appreciated her energy!
  • Anita pays very good attention the people she is talking to and it makes it more personal. 


January 27, 2023 "Towson University Baseball Life Skills Series: Relationship Testimonials."

"Thank you for the Relationship Session.  It was way overdue." RP  MLB player (TU First Pitch Dinner, 1/28/2023)

"Thank you for coming." (Relationship Life Series). Too many TU Baseball Players to identify. (Session ending 1/27/2023 and First Pitch Dinner (1/28/2023)

"My son called me after your session. He really liked it very much and wished you would have talked about Business relationships on the field." (Relationship Life Series).  TU Parent Kathy 1/28/2023 First Pitch Dinner.

"Milkshake Monday Podcast - I'm going to listen to what you taught on Relationships.:  Partners, Wives and Girlfriends of TU Players and Coaches. (First Pitch Dinner 1/28/2023)

Available via YouTube of Session  https://youtu.be/MyGKOLTZ9Uo


"I wish I had a megaphone to share your Milkshake Monday teaching on "WORTH" to every woman I know."  Beverly, Bel Air, Maryland

"Milkshake Monday teaching "1-2-3 RED LIGHT"  An on-time word." John, Beaufort, South Carolina.

Milkshake Monday teaching "1-2-3 RED LIGHT"   Awesome teaching! So on point. Roger, Orlando, Florida

STAND*Failure Dulles South Senior Center "Anita Helm’s presentation was uplifting and encouraging as I review the stages of my life and now in my senior years. It was also a reminder of the tools to use if we find ourselves caught in difficult situations at the present time. I like to remember Anita’s points that I am not “the only one” and not to get stuck in “the quicksand of regret.” Arlene, Loudoun County, VA

STAND*Failure Dulles South Senior Center "I always tend to focus on negative things in the past, but Anita taught me not to dwell on it. She taught me to put the past in the past and to go forward." Sheryl, Loudoun County, Virginia

 STAND*Failure Dulles South Senior Center "The talk was inspiring and motivating for me. The biggest takeaway was not to take failure to heart – but instead that there is always some takeaway. You can grow from any problem that happens in your life. And not to let fear stop you. Don’t let your past failures get the best of you. No matter how far you have fallen, you can always learn from your past mistakes." Jay, Dulles South Staff

William and I enjoyed coming to hear you speak on STAND Failure.   We both took away how important communications with your spouse, siblings and family is good about anything especially dealing with dealing with things important in life. William and Clara, Aldie, VA


The Flinch-My Personal Body Image Struggle (Blog)

As a breast cancer survivor, I feel your pain.  I had my breast completely removed and my reconstructive breasts look nothing like my original breast. I felt ashamed when I had my surgery, but I had to thank God that I was alive knowing that there were women out there who did not survive.  So, thank you for your encouraging words.  Joyce, Chantilly, VA

Your blog on "The Flinch" should be placed on every social media platform for all to read I pray. For years, negative body shaming has been a serious problem and can often cause a damaging effect on a person's self-esteem. We know the cultural tendency for people to judge others by their appearance, so often hate and discrimination have cost people their health, happiness and life... I am thrilled you left her with this quote "You're Beautiful."  Beverly, Bel Air, Maryland