President – Anita Helm


Anita Helm is the leader, brain and heart of 4 Dōes Productions.  She is a globally broadcasted social media teacher. She speaks for educational institutions, assisted living and memory facilities, conference, business forums and faith based organizations.  She came on the stage with a weekly teaching podcast entitled, "Milkshake Monday."  As a business woman, mother, mentor, Christian leader and philanthropist, she is widely recognized for her being an energetic teacher to people seeking lifelong learning.

 Anita’s familiar tag line for the ending of her teachings is Matthew 9:37 (KJV)  the “harvest is ripe (plenteous) but the laborer are few.”  She develops her teachings and the elements of the 4 Dōes Productions to support those who are often unchurched and have been apathetic to faith, family and relationships.  She strives to allow learning for the simplicity of GOD's LOVE to the profoundness of how overcoming past patterns and pain is beneficial for all elements of your life.

Her lifelong focus is to build up people.  She is a willing coach to those who want to learn about life, trauma, wholeness and being emotionally and spirtually healthy.  As the visual to the website shows, "Life's Ups and Downs Are Better- Navigated Together" demonstrate that that we all need each other.   Anita is a humanitarian and is faithful in her calling as a teacher and encourager.  She shares her gift of teaching, exhorting, hospitality and leading everywhere she goes.  Those spiritual gifts serve as a bundle of responsibility and accountability. 

Such a call for serving can be a burden.  Anita recognizes the purpose and the service are not on her shoulders but on a mightier unseen ONE4 Dōes Productions is one of those purposes that provides the sincere milk of the WORD for the thirst of life.  As the mother of the new fawn or new Christian learner, there are certainties and there areas of communication latitude.  With all the many creations of God, we all learn and respond differently.  Anita has spent her life in the development to be flexible in how she talks to any audience.  Our great example of Christ talking anywhere and to anyone is at the forefront of 4 Dōes

This website will be in collaboration with many wonderful minds to fill the 4 Dōes Productions platform with books, media and every teaching tools for those wanting to grow.  

Anita has been developing unread scripts, teachings, life tools and talking to thousands to bring greater life and wholeness to others. Through years of writing notes for movies, dreaming dreams, scribbling unfinished journals here and there, it is now time to finish the work that has begun.

 …That HE who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.  Philippians 1:6