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A Leap of Faith Hardcover Book

A Leap of Faith Hardcover Book

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A Leap of Faith Book 

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Anita L. Helm’s nonfiction memoir speaks about her losses, her transitions from a naïve girl to a woman, and the resilience of recovering from bad decisions. A Leap of Faith shares personal struggles living a double life in her faith and relationships. She shares the exhaustion of juggling multiple roles as a woman with high expectations and responsibilities. She exposes the lie of “fine” in our mental health journey.

 Through the use of humor and candor, this memoir shows an existence that few get a peek behind the veil. Her life lived in Virginia from the backroads of Loudoun County to the landscapes of Prince William County shows her development and aspirations. 

 The book chronicles poverty, newfound notoriety, and the consequences of compromise. As a voice for this generation in her international podcast, Milkshake Mondays, Anita shows in her book that making questionable choices that land badly doesn’t have to end that way.  If you want a book that makes you laugh, cry, and hope, A Leap of Faith: A Life Filled With Questionable Choices is the one.


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